"From time to time, God raises up certain men with extraordinary intellectual and spiritual capacities. My friend, Dr. David Allen, is one of those men. Dr. Allen possesses the mind of a theologian and the heart of a pastor. He can help you grow in your preaching, serve as a mentor to you in your pastorate, and be a friend with a listening ear. Whatever the size of your church or the level of your education, Dr. Allen would be a great resource for your ministry."

- Dr. Donald Schmidt -

Senior Pastor, Lakeland Baptist Church, Lewisville, TX

“Every pastor needs a partner. Every pastor needs a mentor. Every pastor needs an encourager. Who does the pastor talk to if he doesn’t have someone like David Allen, who can encourage and equip, challenge and coach him, to be a man of God.”

- Dr. Jack Graham -

Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX

"He’s one of the most wise, practical, pastoral people I’ve ever met. I know that I can call him to ask his advice on how to handle a situation with a deacon that I’m having trouble communicating with, or with a staff member who is difficult, or, honestly, if I’ve got a question about the budget at the church. David has done an incredible job modeling all of these areas in his life, and investing in the lives of students and of faculty.”

- Dr. Lewis Richerson -

Pastor, Woodlawn Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA

Key benefits

1. Coaching, mentoring, counseling, and feedback on all things preaching and pastoring

Let's work together on integrating your preaching ministry with your entire ministry. Let me be your sounding-board and help you navigate your roles as pastor and preacher.

2. Confidential, experienced and trusted source to help navigate complexities of ministry

I’ve been there and I want to be a trusted advisor for you as you deal with the complex issues of leading your congregation. We can talk about how to handle tough situations, I can be an accountability partner to you, or we can just celebrate what God is doing in your life. Whatever we talk about, it stays between us.

3. Identify your blind spots and God-given strengths

The greatest gift I can give you is my loving, honest feedback. My goal is to see your church thrive under your healthy, biblical leadership. Together we will explore how to press into your strengths and learn and grow out of your weaknesses.

4. Learn to preach like yourself, with a text-driven core

As pastors, we fall into ruts of mimicking other—perhaps well-known—pastors. But the Lord has placed you in the role of preacher for a reason. Preaching like ourselves doesn't mean emphasizing ourselves—when we are devoted wholly to God’s word and take the focus off ourselves, we become more truly ourselves, and preach as God intended for us.

Text-driven preaching

A few ways I can serve you:

  • Sermon research assistance
  • Training in sermon delivery
  • Evaluation of sermons‍
  • Assessment of ministry goals‍
  • Personal ministry counseling/coaching
  • Podcasts and Webinars on issues in
  • Leadership helps
  • Organizational support Encouragement
  • Specific to assistant pastors: How to be your own man while you support the pastor
  • Tips to deliver text-driven sermonsSermon planning

Webinar content

(live and recorded)

• Pastoral Ministry
• Leadership
• Conflict Management
• Personal Spiritual Development
• Sermon Outlines
• Sermon Preparation
• Preaching Books of the Bible
• Pastoral Ministry
• Leadership

• Conflict Management
• Personal Spiritual Development
• Sermon Outlines
• Sermon Preparation
• Sermon Delivery
• Sermon Research
• Family Life of the Pastor
• Preaching Topics/Series
• Downloadables and eResources


Ideally suited for Bible Teachers, Small Group Leaders, Other Ministry Lead

Key benefits

1. Improve your Bible teaching

My targeted training sessions will equip you to know better how to conduct important background research, uncover exegetical insights, apply sound hermeneutical principles and intentionally apply it to the needs of those you teach and lead using the text-driven approach. Let’s build on your present strengths and help you achieve new heights of excellence as a teacher.

2. Develop your people skills

Leading a class can be complicated and frustrating if you feel uncomfortable when relating with your people. Let’s work on building your social confidence and relational competence as a teacher and leader.

3. Engage your students

Yes, the Spirit can work through our weaknesses. But he also gave us training, so we might learn and grow in how we share His word. I want to help your delivery so that you can capture attention and engage the minds and hearts of those under your care.

4. Connect the Bible with everyday life

Text-driven teaching is more than just unpacking the context of the original audience of a text and illustrating how the original hearers understood the Word. Yes, understanding culture and context, and exegeting is important, but until those we teach or lead can faithfully apply Scripture to their lives it will not benefit them. Together we will build up your capacity for creating lessons with strong life-applications.


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Text-driven preaching

A few ways I can serve you:

  • Review of Bible books or topics being taught
    Note: Curriculum will depend on the specific book of the Bible or topical study the teachers will be teaching in the upcoming quarter
  • How to prepare a weekly Bible study
  • How to outline a text for teaching a Bible study
  • How to integrate Biblical content, illustration and application
  • How to deal with difficult biblical passages
  • Lesson planning
  • Training in preparation and delivery of lessons
  • Topical research assistance
  • Assessment of ministry goals
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